Galaxian LCG

The Galaxian CCG is a game for 2 to 6 or even more players. Each player chooses one of the many NATIONS available and is in control of FLEETS, RESOURCES and PERSONALITIES of that race. Players will build a small […]

Horsemans Chess

HORSEMAN’S CHESS is a chess variant in which how far a piece can move can change during play. The primary actors are the familiar chess pieces (Pawn, Rook, Knight, Bishop, Queen, King) with their traditional movement capabilities except that none […]

Gods & Minions LCG Rules

Welcome to Gods & Minions, a fast paced war game set in a world of dark fantasy. In this dynamic game, players simulate small skirmishes or epic battles between the various factions of a world called Ascendallion. The game takes […]

Last Fief – Duel Game

“The war is over and noble houses divided the whole realm among them. Wait, really the whole realm? Not quite! A long overlooked fief in a far corner of the land is still unconquered. Battle starts again, as nobles from […]

Fayra – Casual Card Game

Fayra is a quick, casual card game inspired by Go Fish! The game is easy to assemble and play and is suited to 2-3 players of all ages (up to 6 players if you print the provided cards multiple times). […]

What is Fayra?

Fayra is a casual card game for 2 (or more) players of all ages. The game is strongly inspired by classics like Go Fish and is suitable for kids and grown ups alike. In theory, the game can be played […]