Board Game Designers Forum
The BGDF is the meeting place for board game designers from all over the world. Idea, Feature and Mechanic exchange as well as testing and feedback. A trusted, hearty community that has a lot going on.

Warpspawn Games
Huge collection of indie board- and card-games for free download. Note that these require assembly and most games do not feature a layout.

One Page Rules
Wargaming made simple and fun! Dozens of free war-game rules for download, professional layout, balanced and tested material.

Wargame Vault
Your Number 1 Source for downloadable and printable war games of all kinds and ages.

The largest RPG download store on the web. Get any kind of RPG rules, source-books, utility, map, campaign and more.

No 1. print on demand service for any kind of card- or board-game. Quality components and small print runs (starting from 1).

Fantasy Stock Art – your shop for high quality fantasy artworks!