Purchasing process

Purchasing our games is easy and fast. All you have to provide is your eMail address and a valid PayPal account. We do not require any other personal data and will never share your eMail address or payment data with third parties.

Download process

After purchasing, you receive a link for your digital download where you can download all purchased files individually to your local machine. In the “My Account” section of this website, you are also able to re-download each file later on, if required. Just log into your account, using the eMail address you registered with and you can access all previous purchases.

How to use

Print-and-Play board- and card-games require a bit of assembly: First of all, you have to print the downloaded files using a typical home printer. After that you will have to cut all pieces like cards, markers, counters, boards, tiles etc. into shape. It is recommended to sleeve cards using a proxy card (any) and card sleeves to increase durability and allow proper shuffling.

License Reminder

You are not allowed to monetize the provided download files in any way. This includes selling parts or modifications.