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World of Mana Source

THE WORLD OF MANA is a complete set of rules for those who are looking for a pen-and-paper translation of the famous Secret of Mana / Seiken Densetsu console game series. It is suited for beginners who like to continue their digital adventures on the tabletop, as well as experienced players who seek a fresh background world and material to inject into their own existing game systems and worlds.

THE WORLD OF MANA contains complete rules for handling most of the situations that arise in tabletop role playing games. A variety of tables and charts add a great deal of flavor and detail to the game without significantly decreasing playability.

Note: This project is on hiatus, the provided files represent a work in progress snapshot. The included files are provided for demonstration and inspiration and does not represent the final product.

Note: ‘Secret of Mana’ is a copyrighted/trademarked property. This is just a fan site.

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