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  • Create Date September 26, 2020
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Godsend (Archon Variant from 2002)

In the godsend game - players take the roles of gods - competing to ascertain the king among them, through a divine game. Using customized warbands of miniatures, a gameboard and several tokens they let their minions fight a power struggle to become the rulers of a fictitous world called the verse.

From turn to turn the players perform actions like spawning powerful minions, discovering strange domains, moving their minions around the board and let them battle. Players gain faith by expelling some of their minions into the aether and win the game by claiming six victory points. those points are scored by controlling the most of the seven places of power on the gameboard, or by banishing enemy minions.

Godsend is a wargame dressed in the style of a boardgame, it features meachanics that may sound strange at first - compared to classic wargames. the game itself is completely diceless (its most important feature). Involved in a match of godsend are skills, wits and variable miniatures (and their special abilities) the players bring to the battle - but no luck factor at all. Think: (simplified) fantasy chess - and you got the idea.

• Excuse the rather badly chosen name, it does not have anything in common with the gameplay. This is a two player duel-game.
• The links and domain inside the PDF are dead, please keep in mind the files are almost two decades old.
• Some icons in the PDF files are missing as the image files and/or fonts where lost.
• Besides these flaws, the game is well tested, features a nice layout and is fully playable!