Magitech Wars

” Since the Ascension, the universe is the hard-fought place of Technomagi. Besides their schemes and secret agendas, they fight a power struggle for the most valuable resource that is known to sentiment beings: Crystallium. This substance fuels all Magitech, […]

Galaxian LCG

The Galaxian CCG is a game for 2 to 6 or even more players. Each player chooses one of the many NATIONS available and is in control of FLEETS, RESOURCES and PERSONALITIES of that race. Players will build a small […]

Godsend (Archon Variant from 2002)

In the godsend game – players take the roles of gods – competing to ascertain the king among them, through a divine game. Using customized warbands of miniatures, a gameboard and several tokens they let their minions fight a power […]

Horsemans Chess

HORSEMAN’S CHESS is a chess variant in which how far a piece can move can change during play. The primary actors are the familiar chess pieces (Pawn, Rook, Knight, Bishop, Queen, King) with their traditional movement capabilities except that none […]

Gods & Minions LCG Rules

Welcome to Gods & Minions, a fast paced war game set in a world of dark fantasy. In this dynamic game, players simulate small skirmishes or epic battles between the various factions of a world called Ascendallion. The game takes […]

World of Mana Source

THE WORLD OF MANA is a complete set of rules for those who are looking for a pen-and-paper translation of the famous Secret of Mana / Seiken Densetsu console game series. It is suited for beginners who like to continue […]

Demongard – Card War Game

Welcome to a fast-paced, strategic card game of fantasy battles and epic warfare. Each turn, players draw and deploy unit cards at one of the areas on the battlefield. The units form armies who will battle against each other in […]

Gods & Minions World Book

Gods & Minions is a dark fantasy background world suited for RPGs, card games and war games. Many of the artworks offered on our website originate from the Gods & Minions project. This free PDF document contains a summarized history […]

Fayra – Casual Card Game

Fayra is a quick, casual card game inspired by Go Fish! The game is easy to assemble and play and is suited to 2-3 players of all ages (up to 6 players if you print the provided cards multiple times). […]

Last Fief – Duel Game

“The war is over and noble houses divided the whole realm among them. Wait, really the whole realm? Not quite! A long overlooked fief in a far corner of the land is still unconquered. Battle starts again, as nobles from […]